Saturday, Dec 9 2006 

There’s a beggar I used to see on the street who I’d often give money to because he was friendly and in his own way, dignified. For some reason or another, he disappeared and sometimes I wondered what happened to him, assuming naturally the worst. Today I bumped into him in his old spot for the first time in a year. It made me very happy and smiling, I immediately reached into my pocket for some change. When he saw me, he sprang up and came right over to shake hands. I was sort of thrown off but recovered enough to shake and ask how he was.
Fine, he said. I’ve been travelling.
Good– are you back now?
For the time being, yes.
I started to give him the money but when he saw what it was he wouldn’t take it. “No, no–I’m just glad to see you again,” he said and walked back to his seat.


Saturday, Dec 9 2006

“Love doesn’t need a reason. Hate needs a reason.”
– Stephen Dobyns

Saturday, Dec 9 2006 

long green grass

The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours.

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause.For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours

-Leo Marks

Sounds Thursday, Nov 30 2006 

typewriterEverybody listens to makes us dance,fell good,feel better,feel bad,sad,depressed.It makes us laugh sometimes and cry sometimes..

 Different kids of music influense differently..I like R’n’b-i find it emotional.I also listen to tchaikovski,bizet,brams,vivaldi..and I fell quite good listening them.It’s relaxing,I fell calm and i break from stress and work.I like all of my senses,but I have my favourite-the hearing.Maybe it’s because my ears are big..but my nose is also big.It doesnt make sence..:)

So,music is so influential and we all are dependent on it.(And what the fuck can make me listen to giubeci and kiucheci,which some people call chalga?!?)

What about,they’re as influential to me as music is.This thought came to my mind today while listening to the tap-tap thing coming from a typewriter.I actually didn’t know this sound good before..It’s somehow strange to me and I feel like somebody is tellin me a story..Yeah,I like stories so much,like you,Nevena,Lyd,Lucho,Tanq…we’re fans of stories.And this sound of the typewriter is the sound of writing a book.I love books.It’s not na stupid sound of my PC keyboard or my processor(sorry,Nikola:P)

A Typewriter doesn’t have processor or noisy ventilator.

What about the train sounds-doesn’t they remind you of trips.I like tripping
(RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Road trippin’!!)

The clock sounds…I hate tic-tacking and it’s a huge obstacle to my calm dream.So annoying
The rain sound-just the opposite effect-calm,relaxing,sleepy and rainy
The sounds of a river-reminds me of me with my grandfather fishing at VIT-a little river near Ugyrchin.
The sound of a cart or carriage-the peasant one.Reminds me of my granny’s UNBELIEVABLE
and so delicious,so village “пита”..
The squeakin’ sound of my shoes when I play basketball…It’s a pure basketball sound-one of my favourite
My dad’s voice-respectful!
The sound of my mama’s voice-sometimes annoying,especially if she’s irritated,but most times-really nice and “homy” sound

Damn,she’s shouting that I must go to trainings..quiet,mum

Which comes first-the hen or the egg? Saturday, Nov 18 2006 

hen or egg

What do you think?

Why doesn’t my blog listen to me? Tuesday, Oct 24 2006 

It really doesn’t!!!!